Parts of Your Kitchen to Have Cleaned before a Party

We all love a fun party. Gathering together is an excellent way to reconnect with friends and family, but before your send out those invitations, be sure that your home is ready!

Most parties center on food, so one of the most important places that our house cleaning services in Philadelphia focus on is the kitchen. You know to wipe down your tables before serving food, but bacteria can also be hiding in a few other sneaky spots. Be sure to contact our cleaning professionals, who will take care of these hidden areas in your kitchen.

  • Wipe down your stove. Your stove gets a lot of attention during the day, but most people don’t remember to wipe it down unless something spills! Even if you can’t see a large stain on your stove, there is likely still bacteria lurking around the burners that can get into your food or on serving plates and dishes, making your guests sick. Our maids will wipe down your stove to keep it clean and safe.


  • Dangers on door handles. Handles for cabinets, refrigerators, freezers and even ovens can hide secret bacteria. This is because they are often handled and touched by everyone in your household, but rarely get the attention they deserve when it comes time to clean. Our house cleaning professionals in Philadelphia recommend wiping off handles in your kitchen before anyone comes over for your party, as large crowds greatly increase the risk of spreading germs.


  • Dirty appliances. Like your kitchen handles, your appliances often get ignored when it comes time to clean up. This is particularly true for devices like coffee machines, blenders or anything else electronic that cannot go in the dishwasher. When cleaning your kitchen for a party, we will clean off any appliances that will be used during the event, so they are sanitary and sparkling.

If you wish to learn more about our comprehensive cleaning packages, we encourage you to contact our friendly staff here at Pazeto Maids Cleaning service today!

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